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Featured in the March 2006 Issue of Better Homes and Gardens! was featured in the March 2006 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. In an article in the Healthy Family section of the magazine (page 206) entitled "The Tardy Tooth Fairy," I offer my advice on a Tooth Fairy related matter. I don't want to give away the advice, but I think it was pretty good (and has worked for me in the past). If you are a subscriber, you can check out the archives at

Dear Tooth Fairy Helper,

Are you one of those people who go the extra mile to make a visit from the Tooth Fairy as special for your child as possible? Do you go out of your way to put a spark in the eyes of the children you love during a time when they are a little unsure about what's happening to their growing body?

My wife and I have been there, done that. We have two small children who are in the middle of their "Tooth Fairy Years." And we've found that the Tooth Fairy is a great way to bridge the gap between good dental hygiene and good parenting.

Bring the Tooth Fairy to Life!

Look, I know how tough it is to raise a child today. I have two great kids, and I worry about keeping them as innocent and full of wonder as long as I possibly can. That's why my wife and I - just like you - try to make each and every day as special as possible.

One of the things we like to do is to really go all out for special events. And, ever since I was a kid, the Tooth Fairy has been right near the top of the list. A little magic goes a long way towards making your child feel comfortable about losing a tooth. That's how was born.

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  • Tooth Fairy Letters: Need a special letter from the Tooth Fairy? I've got two great ebooks available for immediate download. You can find the perfect letter for your child and customize it quickly and easily for tonight's visit from the Tooth Fairy.

  • Tooth Fairy Certificates: Want to make the Tooth Fairy's visit even more special? These wonderful Tooth Fairy certificates provide a great addition to your letter and the Tooth Fairy's gift.

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  • Tooth Fairy History: Part of the reason I developed this site was my frustration over the lack of information on the Tooth Fairy. So, I've researched the best out there, and come up with my own version of the "facts" around the origin of the Tooth Fairy (and what she does with all those teeth).

I hope you enjoy the web site, and you find what you need to make your child's visit from the Tooth Fairy as special as possible. And, if you have any ideas on how I can improve this site, just visit the Contact page and drop me a line.

Best regards ,

Chuck Smith
Parent and Owner


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